Bow Shackle Green Pin

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0.33 Tonnes: W: 9.5mm, D: 6mm
0.50 Tonnes: W: 12mm, D: 8mm
0.75 Tonnes: W: 13.5mm, D: 10mm
1Tonnes: W: 17mm, D: 11mm
1.5 Tonnes: W: 18.5mm, D: 12mm
6.5 Tonnes: W: 36mm, D: 25mm
8.5 Tonnes: W: 43mm, D: 28mm
9.5 Tonnes: W: 47mm, D: 32mm
12 Tonnes: W: 51mm, D: 35mm
13.5 Tonnes : W: 57mm, D38mm
2 Tonnes: W:22mm, D: 16mm
3.25 Tonnes: W: 27mm, D: 19mm
4.75 Tonnes: W: 31mm, D:22mm


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