Big Guy 2 Point Harness

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Front & Rear D Harness (Tested and approved for a user weight up to 150kg)

The RGH2 BigGuy has been specifically designed and tested for bigger guys. Suitable for users up to 150kg and available in L and XL. Fitted with a rear D and a chest mounted front D. This harness can be used similar to the RGH1 (see data sheet), but has the added feature of the front D ring to extend its working capability. Using either the RGL1 or RGL3 BigGuy Lanyards for most fall arrest situations. The ring connection between the chest and the shoulder straps, ensure no stress loading when force is applied the front D ring. The RGH2 is fully adjustable and is fitted with rip stitch indicators. Recommended for use with RGL1 or RGL3 BigGuy Lanyards.


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