Accuway TMIR – Infrared Operation

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Accuway TMIR – Infrared Operation

The cell is manufactured in aluminium alloy with HT steel bushes.
The cell incorporates an eight gauge bridge together with associated electronics and a 9 volt PP3 non-rechargeable battery.
Built into the load cell is a large 20mm 3.5 digit liquid crystal display mounted on the front of the cell for easy reading from the operator’s position.
The load cell is self contained and has no external cabling.
A battery switch is provided on the rear of the cell to prolong battery life when the cell is out of use.
All set up and calibration data is retained when switched off.
The cell is automatically switched off after 15 minutes to prolong battery life.
Battery life – typically 50 hours.

Note :- The tare and peak readings are stored even after an automatic 15 minute shut down, the tare and peak reading being returned at next ‘on’ press of the remote, [provided the cell rear button has not been switched off.] * Automatic range change is available when appropriate.

NB: Does not come with Shackles


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