1000mm Round Outrigger Pad

40mm Thick – Load Capacity 30,000Kg – Weigh 31kg each
60mm Thick – Load Capacity 40,000Kg – Weigh 45kg each
80mm Thick – Load Capacity 50,000Kg – Weigh 61kg each

The above is based on the outrigger foot covering 1/3rd of the pad.

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Please call us to order this product. +44(0)1733 211339.


The Round Power Pad Range is from 800mm x 40mm up to 1200mm x 80mm diameters.
All of our pads come with Grade 10 Lifting Chain Handle held in by a Roll Pin with a Known shear Factor.

All of the pads will be individually badged with a Power Pad Insert stating a serial number and WLL and will be supported with a Certificate to support them.


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