TMC Lifting Supplies can supply all types of outrigger pads from the standard plastic style to a purpose Manufactured steel plate, as well as offering a Module system and Ground Protection Running Boards.

Our stocked sizes of the plastic pads range from 300mm x 40mm up to 1200mm x 80mm, although different sizes are available upon request.

Within the Group we can also manufacture steel outrigger pads ranging from 2mtr x 1mtr x 90mm up to 4mtr x 3mtr x 330mm.

All of our pads whether they are Steel or Plastic are all certificated and will come with its own unique ID label stating the WLL and an individual serial number, all of the handles used on the plastic are either certified mountaineering rope held in with an Aluminium ferrule crimped using our 380 Tonne Press or Grade 10 Lifting Chain (WLL: 1 Tonne). The Steel pads will have certified lifting eyes as well.

We can also offer as an optional extra your company name/logo on the plastic inserts for all Pads.  

Contact us for more details, or visit the Outrigger Pads section in the online store for more information.